Strategic Resourcing and Talent Management

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Task 1: Rationale
Asia is the one of the continents in the World where world most of mid and large size companies outsource their tasks. HR Solutions from few months is facing a problem with Asian customer support Service Company to which it outsources its tasks. Meanwhile, HR solution lost some of its clients because Asian companies failed to provide quality service to its clients. Some clients state that they are not receiving services on time and if receive then quality was very poor. Consequently, HR Solutions lost its client and due to this reason it is thinking whether work must be outsourced to the same company or in-house team must be developed or task must be outsourced to any company located in the Europe (Gomes, 2019). In order to take such kind of decision some of the benefits that firm received from outsourcing of its business task need to be evaluated. Along with this, Asian market also needs to be evaluated on a number of parameters.
• Economies of scale: In the current time period most of business firms are focusing on generating economies of scale in the business. An evaluation of wage rate it can be observed that in Asian countries at low wage rate task can be obtained from the people as unemployment is low to medium. On the other hand, in the European continent high wage rate is charged. Apart from this, value of the Euro is also higher then currencies like INR and Chinese currencies, etc. Thus, even companies located in Europe at cheaper cost can get word done in the Asian nation relative to Europe. This is the one of the main reason due to which firm cannot leave Asian market. However, in some of the Asian countries wage rate increased, but still the cost of task is cheaper in Asia than Europe (Braathen, and Sørensen, 2017). Thus, in no condition decision to leave Asia can be assumed prudent. HR Solutions must consistently outsource its task to an Asian company.
• Availability of skilled staff: In Asian nations, there is the availability of skilled workforce and for any sort of technical task firm can easily get HR in the Asian nations at cheaper cost. This is the reason due to which most of the European and American firms outsource their core or noncore tasks in the Asian market. HR solutions not getting the quality of work then in that case it can ask Asian business firm to hire new candidates for its project, according to skill set it want to be in employees for working on its project (Rakib, 2019). By doing so to some extent or completely problem can be solved. Hence, sufficient availability of skilled staff is a very important factor that firm must consider while making decision.

TASK 4: Conclusion
On the basis of the above discussion, it is concluded that the company must continue to outsource its business task to the Asian firm. This is because due to this reason cost saving happened in the business. Major problem is that Asian firm is not providing better quality of service to the firm clients and due to this reason HR Solutions also lose some of its clients. Thus, if proper training is given to the employees and right candidates are hired for the project, then in that situation current problems can be eliminated from the business. Asian firms have good technical infrastructure and talented people in respect to every domain. Thus, at the cheaper cost good quality of work can be obtained from Asian companies. Proper talent management strategy need to be adopted and under this reform must be brought in organization culture, benefits firm provided to the employees, etc. Moreover, candidates must be hired considering a skill set provided by the HR Solutions. Internal staffing must be done. By taking all these steps employees can be retained in the business for long term.

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