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Kitchen safe is the product that was launched in the year 2012 in the USA by David Krippendorf. The firm now is going to launch its product in the UK. Currently, there is not a large market for this kind of product. Business is running on a small scale in the USA and through Amazon like sites firm sold its products online across the world. Still product did not gain wide popularity (Transforming one idea into a $150 K/Month business., 2018). It could be successful in the UK due to a number of reasons. In order to understand this fact first of all it is very important to find out what product actually is. The product is a Kitchen safe jar in which one can keep any sort of edible item. In the jar there is an electronic system under which one can set time and at that time only jar will be open. For example, in the jar today night one placed some cookies and set time for tomorrow evening 4PM then jar will open tomorrow at mentioned time. If one will try to open that jar, then also same will not open. This is all about product.
The main reason behind designing this product is that there are many individuals that often have habit to eat something during a day. To control their behavior such kind of product is designed and once time is placed in a jar it will not before the end of the set time. Obesity is the one of the major problem in the UK. In the year 2018 when research was conducted it was identified that 31% of adults in the UK were suffering from obesity. 63% of adults were suffering from overweight. In the UK every 6 in 10 women are suffering from obesity. 15% children were also suffering from obesity that comes in age group of 2 to 15 years. Thus, obesity is consistently matter of concern for the people (Hollensen, 2019). It is expected that there will be additional 4, 61,000 cases of heart disease and stroke, 130,000 cases of cancer. Hence, many diseases caused due to obesity.

• Generating traffic and leads: Generating traffic is one of the most challenging tasks because initially Kitchen Safe will produce persona and then will generate traffic for a marketing campaign. Initially, it will be a hard task to generate sufficient traffic online for the firm product (Kotabe, and Helsen, 2020). The solution of this problem is that Kitchen Safe must form multiple personas and then must identify how much the traffic generated for each of them. Apart from this, conversion rate must also be identified in respect to the varied personas and by doing so it will be identified that which persona is best for the firm through which traffic and lead can be generated on a large scale.
• Maintain ROI: The other major marketing challenge is that it is very hard task to maintain a high level of ROI in the social media marketing. To overcome this problem every week multiple ads will be prepared and run on the social media channel. Those ads where CPA is very high or even moderate will be passed within two days and those where CPA is very low or CR is very high will be run consistently (Tuten, and Solomon, 2017). By doing so it will be ensured that higher or targeted ROI is maintained in the business.
• Keeping quality consistently high: It is a hard task to maintain content quality in the business. In order to overcome this problem ad will be prepared in video and image form. Some ads will have high contrast color and some will have light colors. By maintaining a specific combination of this quality, consistency will be maintained in the advertisement.
• Change in ad for TV and newspaper every month: When individuals see one ad on daily basis, then ad lost its attention grabbing power. Thus, to solve this problem each month new ad will be developed for TV and newspaper (Kannan, 2017).

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