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The primary purpose of this report is to evaluate the project management in detail to make the report to be done systematically. All planning costs and budget are also given with earned value analysis. The company is called an automation company which is an arbitrary company selected over here. The company wants to do a project for which all calculations and explanations are given below. There are also risk registers as well as Gantt charts are also given in the above report, which is made. This report consists of a critical explanation of the Case study, which is provided.
The main topic of this assignment is Project management in which an arbitrary company is selected which is Automation Future. Project management is called as an application or a process through which different types of skills, as well as knowledge, are experienced for a specific kind of a project. There are certain criteria as well, and parameters are there which need to be followed. There are two things which are required to give the utmost importance, which is time management and the budget. In this above report, there is all risk related to the project as well as the project definition is given. There are also planning, and cost details are also there which are also illustrated in the above report. In this project management, there are also managing processes as well as the spending criteria are also explained and evaluated critically. The earned value analysis is also done with acceleration in this above report which is made below.
Part A: Automation Future PLC Case Study
Question 1: Project Definition and Risk
Question a
The project management triangle is called the model in which three constraints are mainly there. This is an ancient method and is used in Project management, especially by the managers for the project to be managed systematically. The three constraints which are there in the parameter triangle, which are Scope, Time and Budget, are there. These are the three things which are required in a project to be completed. To make the aims and goals of the Automation Future company to be fulfilled, these three constraints need to be performed by the company and are also selected for this project (Auth et al. 2019). Scope of the project is called to be the information which needs to be collected for the project to be started. It can also be called the resource which is required for the project to be initiated and run. Timeline is named as one of the constraints which are an essential aspect of a plan for which the project is submitted in an allocated time. The last restrictions regarding the project are the budget which is also a necessary aspect of a project. In any work before starting a budget needs to be fixed. These three constraints are interrelated to each other as if there is a change in any of the limitations; there are changes in the whole project. To do this project, there are some resources and deadlines are there in which project needs to be done. Thus the project managers of A.F. have set a time in which the project will be completed.
The three components of the triangles which are as follows:
➢ To design the Automation Project in a reliable and scalable automation system.
➢ To design the factory in such a manner that it will be able to Produce Prefabricated parts.
➢ The company need to design and make attributes which will be power saving and will help in the manufacturing process.
The total estimated budget which is required for the installation of Automation features is near about £58.50 m.
July 8, 2019, to September 18, 2019, is the time phase in which the project needs to be completed.
These are the three constraints of the triangle which are needed in the project to be managed as, without these components, the project will not be completed in a stipulated manner. The estimated budget is £58.50 m, and the deadline in which it needs to be done is within 18 to September 2019 (Lacity and Willcocks, 2017). The factory is trying to set up new features as well as machines to make automation machines which will serve as ethical manufacturing of fabricated products and reduce energy consumption.

Part B: Reflective Essay
There are a lot of challenges which are faced in project management which are illustrated over here. In this whole project, the challenges which are faced are one of the critical challenges which are met is the shortage of labours. This is one of the biggest problems which are faced in adobe project management. This has led to delay of the project to be done with a rise in the cost of the project with increment in the budget. There are also other challenges faced like power-saving criteria to be managed, and this is also among one of the high risks.
It is tough to tackle the Automation process, and in installing such a feature, one of the primary challenges which are faced is cost management. There is a cost structure also given under which the following project needs to be done. This has done this project to be managed more critically. There are also many events there which are legally made by the government can also take a risk. There are some technical problems even there which have done this project to fall under threat. These are some of the challenges and uncertainties which are faced in project management to be done systematically.
This is a particular type of goal which is assessed to make the potential term for the completion of the project. To mitigate all these challenges, there are some possible terms which are accessed like usage of more labour with a good number of technicians as well as the use of proper technicians who can boost the rate of the work. To mitigate the shortage of the labourers, there are two things which need to be done are the usage of more labours who are skilled and have a better experience and to perform the Task within a cost structure with better and capable technologies.
One of the essential things which can be used for the project to be boosted is the acceleration process which is one of the proper techniques to make something to be done correctly. There are also some damages which are caused during the project management, which also need a forecasting process. Proper monitoring and testing are two critical criteria which are required to be involved in to manage the project to be done early. Thus personal development goal makes the plan to have necessary changes which are evaluated over here to make possible novel changes which can make effective changes in the company for the betterment of the company.
There are some characteristics of the managers that are needed in the project to mitigate all the challenges as well as the issues. Some of the features of the excellent Manager re-explain over which are as follows:
● There is a good leadership skill which is needed for the workers to be more improved
● One of the most essential things which are there is good communication skill as it makes managers and the labourers as well as the staff to have good conversation and mitigate the problems and understand each other
● The functional managers also possessed proper problems solving skills as it makes the company and the employee reduce problems in a short period
● Good managers also possess team-building skills as this is one of the crucial things which need to be there as it makes the work to be done more effectively and a short period.
● Competency and Integrity are the two values which are also there is a good manager as it makes both the company as well as the employee to have a right direction and work motivation in which different ideas and innovation are there.
● Good Manager also possesses a skill like enthusiasm and some of the delegation skills which are required in this field of project management.

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