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In summary, it can be said that spring can be enjoyed by everyone and for that one did not have to pay any sort of price. Individuals must focus on the natural environment to get pleasure. A poem that is analyzed reflects that world power is controlled by villains and due to this reason revolution is going on without any reason. On the other hand, intellectuals and kind people are not doing anything.
Some thoughts on the spring were written by the George Orwell. In this essay he talked about the springtime. In the essay, it intends to state that spring can be enjoyed by any individual anywhere in the world irrespective of the city or town. Author used mood and natural process of animals to indicate how much spring is enjoyed by the animals. In the essay author talked about human being life and the extent to which it detached from the nature. Author state that individuals love and focus more on steel and concrete. This is the reason due to which human being is not able to take pleasure of the spring time period. It cannot enjoy nature because it is engaged in capitalism. Human beings will have no outlet for their surplus energy except in hatred and leadership worship.

Author further talked about spring and he states that London transforms during the March month. Author state that the square the sooty privets have turned bright green, the leaves are thickening on the chestnut trees, the daffodils are out, the wallflowers are budding. Poem the second coming talked about the collapse and turmoil. It indicates towards the fall of order, rising tide of violence and revolution without any reason. In poem author state that purity is completely destroyed and there is violence everywhere in the world. Capable individuals remain silent and they now keep believing on their fate. Villains’ is in power and they speak loud and spread violence. Thus, overall, it can be said that essay and poem talked about chaos.

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